The first step in any immigration process in New Mexico is to consult an experienced immigration attorney. To apply for an employment based green card, an immigrant’s employer must file a petition called an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. An immigration attorney should always assist with this process in New Mexico. To qualify for an employment based green card, an immigrant has to meet one or more qualifications: extraordinary ability in science,  art, business, education, or athleticism, outstanding achievement as a either a professor or a researcher, a position of multinational executive/manager, a member of a profession requiring an advanced level degree, a professional whose employment would greatly benefit the US, a holder of a US bachelor’s degree who is applying for a job that requires one, or a skilled worker with at least two years of job experience or training.

L1A Visa Services

An L1AQ visa is a non-immigrant work visa, designed to allow foreign managers of international companies to move their job to their company’s US office. The L1A visa is valid for a three-year period before it expires or needs an extension. You can file for US permanent residency and obtain a green card in New Mexico with the help of the immigration attorneys at Hendricks Law.

H1-B Status Visa Services

The H1-B Status Visa for Specialty Occupants is a non-immigrant visa allowing US companies to hire qualified workers in specialized fields. A US bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required. US immigration law limits H1-B Visas to only 85,000 per year. To be approved for an H1-B visa, an employee has to hold a US bachelor’s degree or a foreign equivalent, hold a specialized industry license, or possess expertise through job experience. Due to the restrictions on US Visas for Specialty Occupations, it is important to seek the advice of an immigration attorney when applying for an H1-B Status-Visa in Albuquerque, NM.

E1/E2 Status Visa Services

An E1 Status Visa allows immigrants from countries with which the US maintains a treaty to enter the United States to engage in international trade on his own or on the behalf of a qualifying business organization.

B1/B2 Tourist and Business Visa Services

The B1 Business Visa is a Temporary Business Visitor Visa. To qualify, an individual must be entering the US to either confer with business associates, attend a business convention, negotiate a business contract, attend business training, travel through the US to another international business location, or deadhead.

The B2 Tourist Visa is a visa for immigrants who wish to visit family members, undergo a medical treatment in the US, or attend either social conventions.

EB-5 Visa Services

The EB-5 program was created to stimulate the US economy through job creation and foreign investments. Any EB-5 investor is required to invest a certain amount of capital into a new US commercial enterprise or in a business deemed troubled. The New Mexico immigration attorneys at Hendricks Law provide services to immigrants interested in becoming EB-5 investors.

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