There are various pitfalls that we see, but the biggest one is failing to understand all the implications of a question. The question may be phrased in a way that leads you to want to answer in the affirmative or in the negative, without really understanding what the question means. For instance, many people will answer, “no” when the naturalization application asks the question, “Have you ever lied to an immigration official to obtain an immigration benefit?”. Before they became a permanent resident, that person may have entered the United States on a tourist visa but with the intent to stay and live in the United States. If they answer no to this question and USCIS later determines that they lied, the application will be denied.

Another common pitfall is not understanding the importance of the application. Many times people will come in and ask for help with the paperwork and they’ll show us what they have filled out so far. Often we’ll see that they haven’t properly filled out the five years of entries and exits. This is very important because one of the main criteria for eligibility is that you have more than 30 months in the United States out of the last five years. If the government thinks that you are misleading them or lying to them about your entries and exits in order to qualify, then they could deny you based on the good moral character requirement.

As we’ve already discussed, another pitfall is misunderstanding the good moral character requirement. Your criminal charge may have been five years ago, but if you didn’t finish the process until three years ago then you still have to wait two more years to apply for citizenship through naturalization.

These are the three main pitfalls we see: not answering questions properly on the application, not understanding the importance of all pieces of the application, and not understanding the good moral character requirement.

How will My Attorney Help Me Be Successful In The Naturalization Process?

The attorneys here at Hendricks Law have a high rate of success, in the mid to high 90s on all applications. We are very successful at what we do from the very beginning, but the way we help people individually is by treating them like part of our family. What is important to you is important to us and that makes people feel at ease and at peace when we’re going through the process with them. We make it seamless. We ask for the proper information up front so we don’t have to ask people for more information piecemeal. We provide stellar service in completing the application, making sure that we have the proper documentation to support it, and also making sure that you’re not ineligible.

Most importantly, we go with you to the interview even though we cannot answer the questions for you. We’re not allowed to interfere in the interview unless the officer starts going down a line of questioning that seems a little off to us and then we can pause the interview and ask what the officer is trying to get at to determine if there is something that we weren’t made aware of. However, the main reason we are there is because people often get nervous at the interview – even if they’ve studied, even if they’ve worked hard for this, they get nervous because they’re in a situation where they’re taking the test in front of a foreign person that they’ve never met and who they believe probably has a contrary interest to their own.

Having a friendly face there makes our clients feel at ease and at peace with their application. It helps the interview to go more smoothly knowing that you, the client, have somebody there as support. That is how we help you complete your naturalization process in an efficient and effective way, and that is why we have a very high approval rate.

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